Customer Care

We pride ourselves on looking after our customers not only through the sales process but after the purchase. So please follow our guide below if you have a problem with your new home that you need to tell us about.

If you need to report a fault or defect...

Clixifix is our new online portal for reporting and managing any issues that you may have with your home. If you are living at Marley View you should have received an invitation by email to join Clixifix.


In the unlikely event of an emergency our support company Safeguard will take your call and resolve all emergencies (non-emergencies will be referred back to our customer care team and will be actioned the next working day). Call Safeguard on

Customer help sheet

When you purchase a new home from Bede Homes, you can be confident that it has been constructed to our exacting standards. As a result it comes complete with a 10 year Warranty from LABC.

The warranty provides a guarantee that runs for a 10 year period to cover against any major structural defects to your home. For the first two of these ten years, the Bede Homes Customer Care Department will be on hand to assist you with any issues that you may have with your new home.

The kitchen appliances in the property do not form part of the Bede warranty. Please take the time when moving in to register your appliances directly with the manufacturer. You will find appliance instruction booklets and serial numbers within the homeowner pack. Please note appliances are warranted for 12 months.

Boiler systems and unvented hot water storage cylinders are covered for the two year warranty with Bede Homes. Please note this warranty will become null and void if the homebuyer does not have an annual service carried out at their cost on these items.

Please phone the contact number in the event of an emergency. An example of an emergency is Burst pipes where the water cannot be contained, i.e. incoming cold main or central heating pipes. Leaks on waste pipes are not classed as an emergency as non-use of the basin, bath or toilet will prevent further leakage.

Other emergencies would be total loss of electric supply or heating or lock failure on external doors.

For all other defects, please contact us by Clixifix, please use the link below.

We endeavour to attend to less urgent defects within 7 to 28 days.  However if we need to order certain materials this may incur additional delays.

Please note as per your LABC guidelines booklet, we do not attend to minor shrinkage, however should you experience nail pops (small discs of plaster that come loose and fall out of the ceiling) and shrinkage cracks in excess of 4mm wide, we will attend those.

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