Clixifix is our efficent online customer portal for managing aftercare defects with your home. The system gives you the ability to log issues at any time of day at your convenience. You can also upload images and videos to help us understand your concerns in more detail making the whole process very streamline.

Tickets raised are then sent directly to our customer service team for review and allocation out to our contractors. You will have full visibility of the progress and can message us at any point by simply commenting on the defect ticket you want to discuss.

You can access the Clixifix Portal by logging in below.

Below is a user guide with helpful information about raising a ticket and a support number should you experience any issues accessing the system. Further information about Clixifix can be found in your Home Care file.


In the unlikely event that you experience an emergency outside of our normal office hours Monday – Friday – 8.30-4.30 our friendly out of hours support team at Safeguard will there to assist you. Please contact them on 01207 503293.

Please note that this Emergency contact number should only be used for genuine emergencies only.  For a detailed list of what constitutes an Emergency, please see below.

Gas Leak
Where you suspect there is a Gas Leak please call the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999. They will be able to assist you with isolating your meter and make your home safe in the first instance before calling us.

Total Loss of Central Heating or Hot water
Before calling please check that this has not been caused by a general supply failure in your area. In the first instance we ask that your try and reset your system using your appliance user instructions in your home care file.

A complete failure of electrics
Before calling please check that this has not been caused by a general supply failure in your area. In the first instance we ask that you try and reset the system using the master trip switch on your consumer unit.

A complete loss of water supply
Before calling please check with your local water board to ensure they have not turned the water off in your local 
area for emergency repairs.

A water leak that can’t be stopped
When a leak can not be contained and is causing internal damage to your home.

Lock failure
On an external door or ground floor window causing a security risk to your home.

Blocked Drains
Flooding caused by blocked drains threatening to enter your home.

For all non emergencies, please contact us during office hours.


If you have a complaint please see the procedure here


For more information on the Consumer Code please click here.
Or download pdf version of the booklet here


For further information on the LABC click here
Or download pdf version of the booklet here